CONT4MIN4TED sizzles beyond comparison on the excellent 16-track EDM masterpiece This is the Way

Stunning all sleepy cats with a delightfully powerful performance to drift away with, the Gainesville, Georgia-based alt-electronica producer CONT4MIN4TED makes the kind of tunes which will quicken heartbeats aplenty.

‘’This is the Way is my second LP, following the first, which allowed me to heal by letting go of my emotional baggage while learning how to write, produce and mix – something I never thought I could do. In retrospect, there was room for improvement, but rather than looking back I found the inspiration to release my second album, filled with resonance and zero constraints in terms of genre or mood. Emotions fluctuate, and so does my music.’’ ~ CONT4MIN4TED 

After recently dealing with unforeseen circumstances and healing through music to shut out all the evil demons forever, CONT4MIN4TED heats up our toasty speakers and delves deeper into our more vulnerable emotions on this 16-track delight. 

This is a refreshingly dynamic release which might way down many into their own mind, or free others into believing in themselves again after a self-induced nap away from the fire-ravaged world.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Lu