Country artist Brenda Cay releases music video and riveting new single ‘Do or Die’

Brenda Cay uses a rodeo arena as a backdrop to tell the story of a girl with a do or die trying attitude.

‘Do or Die’ begins with a catchy percussion arrangement and smooth guitar riffs and then Brenda Cay showcases her unique vocal twang, these elements all come together to create a truly heartfelt and uplifting track.

“This song has so many layers. On the surface, it’s a song about chasing dreams, but it goes deeper. It’s also a song about love, admiration, and respect!

As a songwriter, I love being able to tell stories that are not my own. I wrote this song from the perspective of a mom whose daughter is a bull rider” says Brenda.

The listener is drawn in by powerful lines like “Chasing an eight-second high sitting on a four-legged death threat,” and is already being compared to Tim McGraw’s ‘Live Like You Were Dying.’