Country singer-songwriter Andrew Salgado releases new single ‘Learning How to Forget’

Andrew Salgado, who has been signed with Synapse Publishing & Entertainment®, LLC since 2017, came to prominence winning a national singer-songwriting competition and has penned songs for and with legends such as Brian Wilson, Darryl Worley, and Kacey Musgraves. He has opened for some of country music’s biggest icons such as Eli Young, Clint Black, and Toby Keith, released several well-received indie albums, and had his music featured in film and theater.

In addition to his many accolades, Andrew Salgados’ immense talent is put on display through his soulful voice and poetic lyrics. His newest single, ‘Learning How to Forget’ illustrates the difficulties attributed to letting go of someone you love. 

In his own words, “‘Learning How to Forget’ is a song I wrote that tells the story of how difficult it is to forget someone.  It is like closing a story while you still have some chapters left. For those who are struggling to ‘learn how to forget’ I hope this helps you.” Although we may not always receive it, closure in situations like Andrew is describing, is so important to the healing process. Without it, we  can create barriers from truly moving on. Andrew Salgado writes music for his supporters. His record label explains, “We have had fans contact us who have lost a loved one unexpectedly, others who have broken up with someone, or even a friend moving away and who find this song comforting and find the weeping guitar and smooth vocals just the right package for the touching lyrics.”


Andrew’s immense talent has led him to be featured in multiple magazines, on podcasts, and even seen on television and heard on the radio. Salgado was featured for three years on the nationally aired PBS special “Songs at the Center” and has had appearances on WGN, ABC and NBC.

With lines like, I try to deny it/But my heart wont let my mind forget”, Salgado validates our feelings. Paired with sounds of soft guitar and gentle vocals, the song provides a dream-like feeling of reassurance. He truly understands what trying to forget someone feels like, making ‘Learning How to Forget’ such a receptive song.

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