‘Crooked Hill’ is not just a collection of 12 heavy blues-rock songs but a rallying cry of hope for how we can do better

Photo Credit: Jose Palmer

Cam Cole is a singer-songwriter, busker and new age traveler from London, England.

He can often be found performing on streets and venues as his one man band show.

The London busker had it all planned out as he was preparing to make the move from the street to the stage but then covid hit.

What could have killed any momentum he had, Cam turned into an opportunity to connect with the fans he had gathered.

The advantage of being a one-man band is that rehearsals are rather easy to set up – especially in a socially distanced world and so Cam stayed in touch and visible with his “Sounds From The Van” video series, streamed directly from his van rehearsal room.

He released a live album recorded on the streets of Camden before the pandemic, which reminded everyone what we were missing.

Today sees Cam Cole begin to get has plans back on track, as he unveils his second album ‘Crooked Hill’.

His music is influenced by Folk, Delta Blues, Grunge and Rock N’ Roll as demonstrated in his album ‘Crooked Hill’.

‘Albion’ kicks the album off with grungy riffs and energetic vocals.

‘I Don’t Need to Live Your Way’ serves up fast paced grunge rock whilst unleashing anthemic style lyrics.

‘Awareness’ shines with insightful lyrics and catchy pop-rock instrumental hooks, which grab our attention from start to finish.

‘Regret’ has a mellower feel to it in comparison to other tracks as the acoustic guitar treats us to a gentle melody whilst Cam Cole delights with his smooth vocals.


Cam’s second album ‘Crooked Hill’ is not just a collection of 12 heavy blues-rock songs.

The album is a rallying cry of hope for how we can do better. It explores our lost connection with nature, our ways of how we deal with one another and our demons, and how that can lift us up or break us down.


1. Albion
2. Commercial People
3. Steam
4. I Don’t Need To Live Your Way
5. High
6. Now That We’re Here
7. Fear N’ Wrath
8. Awareness
9. Heavy
10. Regret
11. Message In The Mountains
12. F### You Motherf#####