Dave Hedeman & The Gone Ghosts blast back onto the scene with ‘Cannonball’

Dave Hedeman and The Gone Ghosts released their new single ‘Cannonball’, and much like the song title, they’ve blasted back onto the scene.

The song is a rock alt-rock ballad about loss and triumph. It’s personal, gritty, and everything you’d want to hear in a comeback story like the one The Gone Ghosts are currently crafting out of their home-base in Carrboro, NC.

As the band outlines it—Hedeman credits a 2008 chance conversation with Isbell as his inspiration to re-engage with creating music. “I was moving from South Florida to Carrboro and stopped in Charleston to catch one of his shows at the Pour House,” he recalls. “After the show, I walked up to him and struck up a conversation. At one point I said, ‘I used to be a musician.’ He looked me in the eyes and said, ‘You still are. You just need to get back at it.’”

It was a pivotal moment. Gone from writing, performing and recording for nearly a decade, Hedeman found his spirit renewed. And another decade later, he’s bringing to life the lyrics that have haunted his subconscious.

About the new song, Hedeman says, “September has always been a month that has taken its toll on my heart, which is why the line ‘September on my mind’ is a recurring theme throughout . . . The song taps into the loss of a childhood friend at age 14, the Death of my father at age 18, all masked in a story about the end of a torrid relationship with a past lover.” Listen to their new single ‘Cannonball’ and be on the lookout for the full album NO VOICE TO THE WICKED coming this June.