David Arn releases an emotion driven masterpiece with ‘St. Paul’s Chimes’

A rather subtle but haunting tone is complemented by the raspy whispered delivery of David Arn on ‘St Paul’s Chime’. A track detailing various emotions and the journey one has throughout, the track expands and layer by layer reveals more emotion and honesty vocally and musically. The instrumentation weaves in and out and undulates continuously, from subtle acoustic sections to a crescendo of percussion strings and electric guitar solos then to revert back again to a somber acoustic transition, all take the listener along on this journey that is powerful and raw.

Distant and removed yet personal and intimate ‘St. Paul’s Chimes’ music video has a visual and psychological push-and-pull element. The whispered delivery and somber guitar melody and calming strings have found their perfect accomplice in visual form. Fixated on the sole female character the viewer is taken on a journey through many various emotions, all unfolding as the song escalates with instrumentation materialising with each leg of the song. Electric guitar solo bolts in and percussion throngs along as the strings and melody intensify. The track and it’s accompanying music video is a melancholy masterpiece. 

Check out ‘St Paul’s Chimes’ music video below: