David Poe releases serendipitous yet powerful album ‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’

Accomplished and acclaimed singer-songwriter David Poe is widely regarded as one of the best. The ever potent artist seems to keep adding strings to his ever growing musical bow, and his new album ‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’ shines a new light on his craft. The same titled lead single is an atmospheric and softly enriching blend of pop, folk and rock, encapsulating everything Poe is as a songwriter.

There’s a real vintage 1960s feel to the melancholic and structured way this song is put together, where David’s silky and easy listening vocal takes centre stage in this emotive and very topical ideology of a song. Basing his whole album around this idea, Poe hits hard on the realism in such an eloquent and atmospheric manner, with twangy guitars, splashes of piano and delicately placed percussion, all adding to a warm and all encompassing sound. Check out this special single and album from David Poe now, you won’t regret it.