‘Dead Days’ – Colm Warren’s raw reflection on society’s decline

Colm Warren returns with his latest single, “Dead Days,” following the success of his previous release, ‘Alright.’ Known for his powerful vocals and compelling songwriting, Warren has established himself as a leading voice in Northern Ireland’s rock scene, challenging conventional genre norms with his eclectic style.

“Dead Days” delves into Warren’s rockier sensibilities, delivering a passionate and emotionally cathartic anthem that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Collaborating once again with composer John Byrne and producer Joe Egan, Warren crafts a vivid portrayal of an overdeveloped world consumed by soulless innovation and passionless creation.

In a poignant commentary on societal inequality and the widening economic gap, Warren’s lyrics offer a cautionary tale from the perspective of a “working man” in need of hope. Addressing the looming threat of AI and its impact on jobs, art, and the dissemination of truth, the song serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing working-class individuals in today’s society.