Debut EP ‘Around the Sun’ is Just The Beginning for GALASO

Alt-pop artist GALASO releases debut EP Around The Sun and explores depths of falling in love.

Bringing forth his debut EP, GALASO’s (moniker of Jacob Galasso) Around The Sun showcases the capabilities of this new artist as he explores the depth of falling in love, unescapable loneliness, insecurities and the cyclical rotations we continuously fall into throughout our lives. A reflection of what he describes as a “dreamlike state” he found himself in while falling in love, the Austin, Texas artist captures the exhilarating feeling of new possibilities and the highs and lows we can find ourselves falling into with a lover throughout the six songs that make up the EP. Featuring previously released tracks ‘Around The Sun’ and ‘Alive’, GALASO brings his signature alt-pop sound to life with driving synth-pop beats and a carefree energy that capture what is just the beginning of what will undoubtedly be an exciting career from a young, hungry artist, driven by the desire to inspire and change the world through art.