DEENOISE rounds off blue monday via new single ‘Not In The Mood’

DEENOISE neatly blends hip-hop beats and free-flowing R&B vocal lines in his second offering, this time wrapped up in a moody single ‘Not In The Mood’. Coming packaged alongside an introspective video, ‘Not In The Mood’ deals with pain points of isolation, self-realisation, and the need for change.

Building up to a larger body of work, Dino Seferovic AKA DEENOISE states “This song on the album marks the beginning of the search for something more, discovering depths one has not known before.” Delving deeper DEENOISE says “The aim of this project is to give voice to those people who feel alienated by today’s rhythm of living”.

Hailing from Zagreb, DEENOISE’s ambitious project has been mixed and mastered by UnderCurrent studio in Berlin and was produced by Nikola Batelic.

We’re eager to continue to watch the progress of the Balkan-based artist, but for now make sure you dive into ‘Not In The Mood’ today: