Delphi unveils soulful performances in ‘Summer Is Over’

Rooted in the cultural heritage of music from the Caribbean and West Africa, Delphi showcases a penchant for Afro-rhythm and expressive performances. In 2023, the artist collaborated with R.A. The Rugged Man and Reverie for ‘Stereo (Edit)’ is her most successful single so far. This was later followed by equally enticing released ‘Afraid of Your Heart’, ‘ELEMENTS’, ‘Beso’, and ‘Free/Someday.’ Now coming off the back of a Summer tour across Sweden, the R&B rising star is continuing her upward musical trajectory.

Delphi now releases new single ‘Summer Is Over’, a song filled with emotional and soulful deliveries, and a true showcase of the artist’s fantastic vocal talents. Powerful piano melodies support her controlled and vast performance as she crafts an angelic atmosphere through graceful counter melodies, spoken poetry and the spellbinding lead line. The artist continues to flow like a river through the lyrical themes, settling into a picturesque conclusion as the final moments let the audience go.

Sharing a comment on the track, Delphi adds, “You woke up too late. The best days are behind you and you’re trying to find joy in the life that is left. ‘Summer Is Over’ is about searching for kicks and battling with addiction in different forms.”

‘Summer Is Over’ is out now, check it out here: