‘DEVIL’ is the angsty latest single from London’s singer-songwriter Mik Ivy

Mik Ivy

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Coming from the masterful mind of unstoppable creative force Mik Ivy is this intoxicating Indie Rock anthem – ‘DEVIL,’ delves into a captivating narrative of ‘chasing something that is toxic for you,’ and is simply a retreat to ‘avoid your problems.’ Utilising such a tangibly relatable theme allowed Mik Ivy to create a compelling, musical soundscape to pair with his profound lyricism & grittily tenacious vocal performance drenched in that authentic, British soul. Instrumentally, the song’s driving bassline provided the foundation for producer Balthazard to arrange a dense mix around; heavily distorted & haunting guitars surround nuanced, Trap drums to create a delightful blend of Rock & HipHop where Mik Ivy can express his eclectic influences wholly. After taking it to the studio to work with Jon leKole, ‘DEVIL,’ was truly brought to life with a face-melting guitar solo, ripping through the huge atmosphere, alongside Mik’s aggressive, uproarious ad libs. Setting out with the intent to make a track with an eclectic & dark atmosphere, ‘DEVIL,’ is the ideal track to get your heart racing and excite every intricacy of your nervous system; a thumping, enchanting track – ironically reflective of its lyrical theme – which will have you desperate to hit replay as soon as the eerie ending synth fades out.

Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, Mik Ivy is a 19 year old singer-songwriter now based in the culturally & musically enriched UK capital London. Currently ripping through the Indie/Alternative scene in an explosive fashion, Mik moved to London to nestle himself in the heart of the music industry & leave his distinct mark on the scene. Following on from the release of his debut single ‘837,’ at age 17 which has amassed an impressive 22,000 streams on Spotify alone, Mik continues to push the boundaries of genre & refuses to let himself be restricted by any particularly genre title; this budding talent ingeniously plucks elements from Indie Pop and Alternative Rock, proceeding to mix these inspirations in remarkable fashion in order to create the most unapologetic, electrifying sound which is refreshingly unique in the typically monochrome timbres of contemporary music. Ranging from light-hearted sing along Pop anthems to heavy, emotionally driven tunes aiming to render the experience of being part of societies sometimes lost and angered youth, Mik’s discography is impressively expansive and covers a broad spectrum of sounds with something suited to every listener’s particular musical palette. His list of accolades are ever growing and already flaunt multiple headline shows in London including one at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Mik Ivy has bags of ambition and even more talent to match his eager hunger for success – a true artist with a promising future as a forefront of the emergence of a new wave of Alternative artists.

Arctic Monkeys, Steve Lacy, Her’s, The Strokes