Dive into the Depths of Love with Jeannel’s New Track “Blue”

Photo credit: Lenny Rothenberg


Berlin-based songstress Jeannel, known for her celestial vocals and avant-garde soundscapes, invites listeners on a beautiful journey through the complexities of love with her latest single, “Blue”. Released via Unfelt Recordings, “Blue” is a hauntingly beautiful ode to the multifaceted nature of love, accompanied by an equally captivating music video.

Produced by Jeannel herself and oh.no.ty, mixed by oh.no.ty, and mastered by 4x Grammy-nominated engineer Zino Mikorey, “Blue” is an example of Jeannel’s prowess as a songwriter and producer. With influences ranging from classical music to ’90s R&B, Jeannel deftly navigates the borders of alt-R&B, avant-pop, and neo-classical, creating a sound that is uniquely her own.

The song’s delicate instrumentation, anchored by a carefully picked cello and heavenly choral vocals, provides the perfect backdrop for Jeannel’s rich, honeyed vocals. Reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s haunting allure, Jeannel’s voice carries the emotional weight of love’s risk and rapture, drawing listeners into a world of vulnerability and candor.

Beyond the music, “Blue” is a visual and emotional journey that unfolds in the accompanying music video. Directed by Jeannel and Lauren Pringle, the video intimately chronicles Jeannel and Kelvin Kilonzo as they navigate love’s stages, from bliss to destruction and everything in between. Through raw and vulnerable performances, the pair brings to life the bittersweet essence of love, offering viewers a glimpse into their own relationship experiences.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Blue”, Jeannel shares, “It’s an homage to the multitudes of love’s stages, to the blissful and soul-crushing faces of love, and a tribute to a love I lost, that really shattered me and brought me to the very edge of my own humanness, my sanity, and fragility but above all showed me my capacity to love.”

As the song’s lilting melodies and poignant lyrics wash over you, prepare to be swept away by the emotions and undeniable beauty of Jeannel’s artistry.