Don Mai releases irresistible “Take U Anywhere”

Don Mai is back, and he’s set to make an impression with his new single “Take U Anywhere.” “Take U Anywhere” blends acoustic and electronic elements together perfectly. Featuring danceable drum beats, understated guitars and infectious vocal lines, “Take U Anywhere” will be sure to pick you up and leave you wanting more. The track also showcases Mai’s fantastic lyrical ability.

Speaking on the new single, Don said: “’Take U Anywhere’ is about being fed up with everyday life. It’s about reaching your breaking point of doing the same thing everyday such as going to work, gyming, sleeping and repeating it again. 

It’s about wanting a change and what better way for a change than to travel and explore other countries as that one of the most unfamiliar situations you can put yourself in. This song means a lot to me as it is exactly what I was feeling and am actually doing myself. This song not only is written to express my desire to travel but it is to celebrate me traveling as I will be moving to the UK to chase my goals”

Starting off as a classical pianist, Don soon moved onto learning acoustic guitar and learning to sing before discovering his love for Pop music and beginning to write his own songs. Having studied music performance at university, he decided that music was more than just a hobby and began to release his music for the world to hear. With rave reviews from the likes of Music Crowns, Obscure Sound, XS Noize and AAA Backstage already under his belt, we cannot wait to see where Don Mai will take this.