Dude Low Embarks On A Synth Pop Adventure With New Single ‘Amnesia’

‘Amnesia’ introduces a cosmic synth adventure that’s bound to take listeners on a therapeutic trip. 

French indie pop-rock artist Dude Low is back on 13 January with his latest single, ‘Amnesia,’ to introduce a cosmic musical era. The single surrounds the idea of escapism and embarking on an otherworldly journey. This is the first single of many new tracks to come from Dude Low, all of which will explore the artist’s Ego Trip – which is the name of his upcoming album – and personal discoveries through solitary therapy. Melancholic synth layers and a punctual hip-hop beat create an almost magical sensation of following a rabbit hole, even if you’re unsure of the ending.

Releasing with Fogwood Records, ‘Amnesia’ will be available for streaming on 13 January.