Effayé finally unveils empowering new single ‘Tequila’

Always striving to push the envelope of what is possible in music, while being unapologetically herself, Effayé has managed to build an impressive career for herself over the last 8 years of being active as an artist. Exploring a number of different genres has been a catalyst in Effayé’s success, and has led to performances at festival such as Malmö Festival and Lund Kulturnatt, as well as radio support from P3, P3 Din Gata and more.

Effayé is still buzzing off her rap-infused collaboration with international talent Lazee, and has finally released her third single of 2021, “Tequila.” An empowering song about “the wild fire within a woman’s heart,“ “Tequila” sees Effayé embrace the genre of dancehall with incredible results. As revealed, “Tequila” is a song about sensuality. “Knowing what you like and going for it. Giving in to cravings; because simply, why not. Being honest. Being open to energies. Touch. Electricity. Magnetism. Seize life – Go with the flow. Viva La Vida, with a touch of tequila.”


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