Viral TikTok Sensation Cory Singer Releases New Anti-Bullying Single ‘Don’t F With Me’

Viral TikTok Sensation Cory Singer Releases New Anti-Bullying Single
& Video 'Don't F With Me'

Cory Singer’s latest single, ‘Don’t F With Me,’ is set to release on March 24th. ‘Don’t F With Me’ showcases pushing the limits within a relationship. With a steady vocal performance from Singer, and a firm backing track, the song seemingly treats itself as a warning;  rattlesnake waiting to strike. In addition to this, the lyrics also back up the unease present within the song itself. The song can be listened to by clicking this link

Cory Singer shows great passion for each song in his discography. ‘Don’t Even Try’ displays a new side of himself. As an artist, Cory Singer has a talent for keeping his music fresh, and exploring new ways he can use his artistic abilities. 

Originally from the Garden State, Cory Singer is an artist who sought out his desire to create music, which led him to Nashville. Cory Singer has been in the musical scene since 2018, but his presence within the public eye dates further back; In 2011, he was nominated a NJ Perry Award for his role in Seussical The Musical. Singer is a big advocate for supporting people on the autistic spectrum, and has even coined the term, ‘Let’s Normalize Autism’. Singer also sits on the Board of Advisors for the ‘I AM ABLE Foundation,’ as well as being an ambassador for Sound Mind Network.



‘Don’t F With Me’ was written about my experiences with being bullied. Through elementary school all the way into my adult life, I’ve always had to stand tall and fight for myself as someone with autism. Bullying and cyber-bullying is such a huge issue today, especially towards people like me with disabilities. – Cory Singer

The song leads off with the lyrics, ‘I’m not in the mood for your attitude / Keep it up and I’ll lose my cool,’ which seem to imply a sense of imploding danger or anger palpable within the song. Over the course of the song, this sensation only builds as the vocals and lyrics contribute to the overall mode of the song. Additionally, all of this seeming tension eventually led to the primary message of the song, ‘Don’t F With Me.’ The song is able to put so much weight on these simple words, which leads to the idea that there is more happening behind the scenes of the song itself.  Cory Singer Website