Ellen Woloshin shares warm new album ‘Pop Torch’

Growing up studying music, most centrally in classical piano and vocals, Ellen Woloshin found her way to a career of crafting jingles, before taking a leap of faith to perform and write songs in a larger capacity than ever before. With sporadic album releases spanning over two decades, alongside writing for the likes of Dionne Warwick, LaToya Jackson, and Ben Vereen, Ellen’s worldwide presence, both behind the scenes and on stage, has seen her lauded with continued success.

Ellen’s recent nine-track Pop Torch takes audiences on a journey spanning decades of graceful and elegant songwriting. Introducing both original music and her interpretations of warm jazz classics, the artist unveils a sense of modernity in her performances and storytelling.

With fabulous musicianship on show from the subtle string swells to the movement-inducing drum rhythms, the luxuriant piano performances and intricate acoustic guitar arpeggios all feed into the beauty of Ellen’s lead perspective. A versatile, steadfast cornerstone of each and every track across the project, Ellen’s voice breathes new life into the melodic nostalgia, paying homage to legends of the past whilst introducing a contemporary pop dynamism to each phrase. Delicate and vulnerable in moments, to energetic and joyous in others, a serious vocal talent.

Ellen comments, ”If you take a bunch of disparate beads and string them together to make a necklace, what would the finished product look like? That’s the concept behind this album. I took songs from various genres and decades, some of my own, some by others, with the hope that in the end, that necklace would come together as a unique statement of its own. I hope you enjoy the result!”

Listen to ‘Pop Torch’ here…