Embrace INFJ Kenzo’s debut studio album ‘The Wage Of Better Angels’

INFJ Kenzo‘s debut studio album, ‘The Wage of Better Angels‘, is an engaging, creative, and mystical undertaking by way of a unique introspective psychological examination of himself. Through an Adlerian psychological framework, this conceptual album explores the consequential nature.

Jamal Hansen, professionally known as INFJ Kenzo, is a Huntington Beach, CA-based singer & rapper. His musical style introduces a distinctive and ominous Alternative Hip-Hop sound that emerged like a psychoanalysis of the deepest depths of his inner sanctuary. He made his debut in January 2022. INFJ KENZO secured collaborations with The Critically Acclaimed Death Row Records E.P. shortly after releasing his first song, ‘Overblown’.

Throughout the year, INFJ Kenzo has continuously released several singles that gained his popularity. One of his single releases, ‘Everyday’, is currently streamed over 127k times on Spotify alone.

On October 27, INFJ Kenjo gathered all his single releases and some new tracks to release the album with OTAON x Studio Records. The album earned him three #1 Billboard Hot 100 Albums. World-famous artists like Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony admired his work.

One hour 11 min long marathon album ‘The Wage Of Better Angels’ has 22 equally brilliant songs that will touch the heart and soul with its thought-provoking and inspirational lyrics. The vocal delivery with soft poetic lyrics and hard-core rap matches the instrumental compositions and the percussion arrangements. Each song process beautiful, catchy melodies that resonate with the listener’s mind and keep playing in the background.

INFJ Kenzo’s music today pushes the boundaries of hip-hop while remaining true in sincere, religious Rap and borrowing elements from many other genres. INFJ Kenzo’s music avoids clearly defined categories and genres, ranging from Pop Rap to Emo Rap and utilizing a lot of natural instrumentation.

Also available on other platforms: https://withkoji.com/@Infj_kenzo