Emerging singer-songwriter Jonny Woolnough announces debut album ‘Mayurqa’

With an enormous amount of praise coming in for his previously shared cuts ‘A.A. Gill’ and ‘2666 (Love In On Its Way)’ in recent months, fast-rising singer and songwriter Jonny Woolnough has now announced the details behind his long-awaited debut album ‘Mayurqa’, arriving later this year.

Written and conceived whilst living between mainland Spain and Palma De Mallorca during 2018/19, ‘Mayurqa’ is a love letter to the isle he now calls home, as well as his appreciation for the written word. Inspired by the Balearic island, his new full-length combines a rich and tranquil folk-pop aesthetic with broad and inviting storytelling throughout.

Previewed by the new lead single ‘You’ve Got That Look’, he continues that fresh and engaging direction he has cultivated for himself and offers up one of his more uplifting offerings in the process.

Adding about the new single, he said, “I had the riff for years and was looking for a simple uncomplex song to balance the album. We could have presented this song any way we liked. That particular day we approached it in this way, with very little thought – and that’s what ended up on the album.”

Jonny Woolnough’s debut album Mayurqa’ will be released on the 19th November, and you can listen to the new single ‘You’ve Got That Look’ and the album’s full tracklisting below.

‘Mayurqa’ Tracklist:

  1. The Soul Of The Runner
  2. 2666 (Love Is On The Way)
  3. And All That’s Missing, Is The Muse
  4. A.A. Gill
  5. Ave, Ave
  6. You’ve Got That Look
  7. Mayurqa
  8. A Fish Upon A Line
  9. The Sun Is The Only Feeling Like You
  10. Forever
  11. The Natural
  12. The Earth From Above