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Emmit Fenn leads the content game, and how other artists can learn from his model

The question of how the modern-day artist can keep their audience engaged is one that is often asked. It’s clear that the attention span of the average consumer is shorter and harder to capture than ever, with over 40,000 songs released to Spotify alone per day, and an abundance of music to listen to at any given time.

Many artists have attempted to adapt to this struggle by releasing music more regularly however producer/songwriter Emmit Fenn has taken it a step further, putting out an album a week – just for fans.

An immensely talented songwriter and producer, Emmit Fenn has managed to establish himself in today’s musical landscape as one of the few producers to date to work with Billie Eilish, besides her brother and closest collaborator Finneas. Emmit Fenn co-wrote and co-produced “bitches broken hearts” for the young artist back in 2017 and has also collaborated with the likes of Lolo Zouai, Yuna, Ry X and Vic Mensa, on top of releasing overly versatile original music. Additionally, he has even scored the TV show Five Points for Mary Ramos (Quentin Tarantino’s music supervisor), and landed two synchronization deals with Apple.

Now, as he recently announced, Emmit Fenn is releasing a private album a week just for his core fanbase, taking the concept of “prolific” to a new level. After delays to his album release which was moved back to next year, he made the decision to drop a new project every Monday, made up of music written that week as well as old songs that were never released. Keeping a distinct sonic theme with every collection of songs, Emmit Fenn started off Week 1 with beautiful piano music, followed by crazy, weird electronic music in Week 2, and acoustic guitar anthems in Week 3. For Week 5 he really outdid himself, releasing an hour-long, ambient song.

Here’s what Emmit Fenn said on social media about the undertaking:

“Unfortunately my label keeps pushing back my album. Because I can’t officially release anything new … I’m gonna try something different. So here it is. Every week I am going to release an album. The albums will be private, sent to only those who want it, and will consist of songs made that week and maybe some old stuff that never made it.”

The emphasis of the artist-fan interaction presents a wealth of opportunities, as Emmit Fenn is just discovering. By making the listening experience interactive, the forward thinking creator may be bringing back the heart and soul behind the music.

Fans who want to listen to Emmit Fenn’s weekly albums can text +1 (415) 843-6648 (US only) or join his Discord server here.


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