EM$o bravely escapes that dangerous life that had the power to put him six-feet under on The $urvivor 

EM$o is a Switzerland-based indie trap artist who has used his street smarts to transform his life away from the wicked roads of potential doom.

The $urvivor is based on my experiences on the streets in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, which is known as one of the most dangerous places in Central Europe. The single describes my mentality while living in that place and what it took to survive; not many in my circle made it out alive without ending up in jail or hospital. My parents did what they could to get me out; they taught me how to make smart moves and outsmart the dark mentality of the streets, which left me with a lust for money and power as a teenager. When my usual vices ceased working, I turned to music; I used my trap money to buy equipment, and in 2016 I started writing and recording my songs.” ~ EM$o

Taking quick action that took him swiftly away from the soul-breaking drama and fields of bullets that had him jumping jagged fences while dodging blue lights and other unscrupulous characters, EM$o shows us the mental scars that have sharpened his senses. 

Describing how the lure of easy money and power almost took his faith away, we are shown a skilled lyricist who only drops that realness which should teach the youth that death is around the corner if you play with snakes for long enough.

The $urvivor from the reinvigorated Swiss trap musician EM$o is an underground storytelling delight of monumental proportions. Guiding us through the rat infested sewers where many hide, the jail cell that can break you, and the trauma it can cause you, this is an enlightening adventure that actually tells us what it’s really like to almost die. There is no fake glorifying nonsense here, only the truth, which shall set many free from a world of guns, drugs, and an innocence destroying life that can take everything from you.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen