Esteemed guitarist Jim Bell returns with new solo offering ‘22 Years Old’

Coining a signature sound that merges the sensibilities of indie, alternative, folk and soul, Jim Bell is a London-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is seeing acclaim from across press and radio.

Performing both as a solo artist and as the lead guitarist for the dream-pop band Kombu Nori and alternative-jazz artist Evie Asio, Jim is also co-writing and co-producing an EP with James Beau Barclay.

The latest from Jim Bell is ‘22 Years Old’, a track laced with the bouncy guitar riffs of Americana. His heartfelt and passionate songwriting translates through his acoustic guitar and the playful drum line driving the track forward, whilst his joyous vocal dance through the music and offers catchy melodies in amongst the instrumentation. Reflective, even bittersweet, it still provides a gracious optimism that will put a smile on your face.

Jim speaks on the meaning behind the track and his recording process, sharing, “22 Years Old is about looking back and realising that there were signs that you missed. It reflects on relationships ending and that feeling bad and then, surprisingly, OK. It’s a bit of a collage of different emotions, thoughts, people and places from my life.

‘It was a cold and dark December, I couldn’t read our future in the weather’. I think that line captures the meaning of the song well. I kind of stole the imagery in the chorus from a Simon and Garfunkel song – I’ll let you figure out which one.

The track was written, recorded and produced by myself, between my home recording setup and Midi Music in Deptford. I owe thanks to Ahmad Dayes at Midi Music for lending me the mics I needed to track the drums. All instruments are played by myself except for the drums, performed by the incredible Gabri Zatterin. Backing vocals were recorded by my brilliant sister Caitlin.”