Etaoin Releases New EP ‘I Hate Everyone (but I don’t mind you)’

Etaoin is back with the release of her second EP, ‘I Hate Everyone (but I don’t mind you)’. A collection of four tracks that encompass everything from interpersonal drama, heartbreaking past relationships, and all the ups and downs of life. The EP arrives with the new single ‘If I Ever Find Home’, a Brad Ellis produced lesson in melancholy from the rising artist.

With waves of emotional lyrics for her own personal stories and background, Etaoin weaves both the solemn acoustic backing from her past EP, ‘Bedroom Walls’, with the new vibrant pop melodies from her new style. Singles like ‘Cold Blood’ and ‘Sick Of Me’ capture the Irish singer-songwriter’s immense vocals and powerful energy while the new song, tackling Etaoin’s first heartbreak, takes an especially introspective route.

“The song is about feeling totally alone and lost. I wrote it at a time when I felt like I had been searching in the dark for months just trying to find my old self again after things ended with the first boy I ever loved.” Says Etaoin, speaking about ‘If I Ever Find Home’. “We had been best friends for years, he had told me he had feelings for me but ultimately chose another girl over me. I lost my best friend and the person I cared about so much all in one. School was a total nightmare, I’d see them around making out in the hallway and literally wanted to curl up and disappear.”