Evan Isaac unveils dreamy single ‘Watch it in the Wind’

After showing a creative spark from a young age in his home town near Pittsburgh, Evan Isaac has spent his life nurturing skills performing and songwriting, traits that he now carries into his dreamy signature sound. First entering the scene as part of Crossing Boundaries, which supported the likes of Clarks, Rusted Root and Mac Miller, then with GoodKids, who worked alongside Grammy-award-winning producer J.J. Blair.

After moving to New York City to carve out his niche as a solo artist, Evan has steadily unveiled new music, the latest of these releases being the new single ‘Watch it in the Wind’. Ethereal and atmospheric, the track builds on glittery, spacey instrumentation and enthralling drum rhythms for a gorgeous balance of otherworldly and natural feelings. Above the twinkling arpeggios, cascading scales and subtly grooving bass, Evan performs love-drenched lyricism, embracing the glowing luxuriance in his sound as he reverberates into the mix.

Evan adds, “There was a certain sense of longing that I had felt for many years. Once it dissipated I felt that I wanted to capture it in a song because there was something very beautiful about it.”

‘Watch it in the Wind’ is out now, give it a listen here…