Exciting new band Redfeather impress with debut single “Checkered Lines”

Birmingham based, up and coming indie group Redfeather impress with their debut single “Checkered Lines”. Recorded with fellow indie group Cabbage at their Brassica Studios, “Checkered Lines” is a brilliantly atmospheric and driven track. Packed full of guitar riffs and driving drum beats, there are plenty of great moments throughout and the band manage to capture a real sense of building anticipation.

Collectively, the group draw inspiration from all manner of music, particularly from  classic bands like Oasis and The Stone Roses whilst also drawing a new, fresh twist from other bands such as Catfish and The Bottlemen and The 1975. 

On the inspiration behind “Checkered Lines”, frontman Hayes explains “Checkered Lines is a song about the moment my life changed, the best night of my life and the first time I met the most amazing person I will ever meet.” 

Since their formation in February 2020 and despite the chaos of the year, the group have made impressive progress, having expanded their online presence by organising their own full production livestream and live sessions. Furthermore, having amassed over 10,000 views in total over multiple platforms, they look set to take the real live circuit by storm in 2021!

Be sure to keep an ear out for Redfeather, a really exciting and vivacious young group!