Following the release of Purpose Connor Mac has wasted no time in supporting his release with an accompanying music video. The video reflects the lyrical content of feeling lonely but then finding purpose within someone else. Heightening the meaning of the lyrics we now have visuals to support and paint the picture for us.

“The narrative point of view switches between verses to reveal the vulnerability of each person, removing any concept that one may be more to blame than the other. Their longing, pain and emotions are shared. There’s an honest desperation which runs through the lyrics and bleeds into the vocal melodies and harmonies. I hope the song resonates with something people may be feeling or a past memory”. CONNOR MAC

Connor is no stranger to giving us a supporting video and Purpose is just one from a list of established tracks with equally established videos. With each new release Connor grows into his own style with ease and the use of frequent, high quality music videos is certaintly helping this!

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