Eyes Of Argus Announces the New Single and Album ‘Honey’d Dreams’

Providence / Salem duo Eyes Of Argus are thrilled to announce the release of their debut album ‘Honey’d Dreams’, which is out Thursday 23rd February 2023.

The first single of the same name is available now on all major streaming services, while the second single ‘From The Dark’ drops on Friday 10th February 2023.

The smooth guitar riffs of ‘Eyes of Argus’ featured within ‘Honey’d Dreams’ grab our attention instantly.

‘Honey’d Dreams’ is a down-tuned, slow-tempo, riff-heavy album where the grit and ugliness of fuzzed-out guitars weave into lovely and melodic vocals.

Part metal, part shoegaze, part psych, the songs take the listener on sonic journeys reminiscent of bands like Windhand, Monolord, King Woman and Electric Wizard.

All instruments were performed by Ryan Lesser (co-creator of Guitar Hero and Rockband and guitarist of Megasus).

Sam Guay (artist and creator of the Blood Moon Tarot), sang the lyrics and wrote vocals.

Ryan recorded and mixed the album, using knowledge gained while recording with legendary engineer Steve Albini on recordings with his previous band.

Mastering was done by James Plotkin, known for influential records by Electric Wizard, Conan, Cave In, John Carpenter, Saint Vitus and Sunn.