FAARROW releases Afro Pop-infused track “DREAMS”

Iman and Siham Hashi are the masterminds behind FAARROW. Originally from Atlanta, the pair then moved to L.A. when they caught the eye of Universal Motown. The sisters have already received a warm welcome from their EP ‘Lost’ and 2018 performance at all Womxn led festival Mothershipfest in the Coachella Valley. The sisters also have a podcast POWHER, started in 2018, to share their own life experiences with music and spirituality.

Their latest single “DREAMS” showcases their signature and unique sound. A colourful melting pot of playful drums and heartwarming synths create the perfect canvas. On top, vocal lines are heartfelt, warm and wrapped up in an infectious melody. The track is sure to get you up and moving.

The sisters explain, “For Siham, it’s about a soulmate connection that shows up in your dreams every night that is so vivid, real and hard to shake. For Iman, it was about continuing our journey as Faarrow and “Dream” of singing and performing.

Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, the sisters who fled their homes with family to escape civil war and relocated to Toronto, have nurtured a hidden talent and passion for music since their early teens. Breaking out of the culture barriers which saw the craft as taboo, the dedicated duo have gone from strength to strength since beginning their music journey in earnest and they haven’t looked back since as they establish themselves as an act made for stardom.