‘Far Away’ is a truly beautiful track with dreamy vocals from Madeleine Rauch

Madeleine Rauch is a singer-songwriter originally from Berlin, Germany but is now based in Los Angeles.

After touring festivals and arenas all over Europe with German superstar rapper Marteria, Madeleine Rauch is finally releasing music again.

Her new single ‘Far Away’ talks about a break-up with all the insecurities and fears that come with it, but it also gives a hopeful message for the time after.

Written and co-produced by Rauch herself, while living in Berlin, Germany, the song didn’t fully come to life until she moved to Los Angeles in early 2020 and met music producer Alex Winter, who brought her musical vision alive.

‘Far Away’ is a truly beautiful track with a delightful instrumental melody and dreamy vocals from Madeleine Rauch.