‘Feeling Of XTC’ Is A Soaring And Euphoric New Release From Newcastle EDM Producer JBRRMUSIC

Having spent the last few years building up acclaim and hundreds of thousands of streams with his forward-thinking electronic sound, including countless radio plays on BBC Radio Introducing Newcastle, rising UK EDM producer JBRRMUSIC is set to continue his rise with his euphoric and instantly captivating new single ‘Feeling of XTC’.

The entire track is built around the idea of love and the immense power that it has, both through the artist’s energetic and fun production and the engrossing, lush nature of the vocals and lyrics. Everything pulls together to evoke the spirit and feeling of love and the enormous power and influence that it can have over us, with its addictive hooks providing a similar dose of serotonin to the feeling of love itself.

“As soon as I found the vocals I was instantly hooked.” JBRRMUSIC says of the new release. “I wanted to create a track that pushed the message about how strong the feeling of love can be.” ‘Feeling of XTC’ feels like as close as you can get to finding love and this sense of euphoria through EDM, everything about the sound feels soaring and exciting, injecting a summery feel to the current winter months.

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