First Day of Spring unveils irresistible new single ‘You’re Blue I’m Blue’

Marking their first release since the 2023 debut EP ‘Fly Over Apple Blossom,’ First Day of Spring returns with the captivating new single ‘You’re Blue I’m Blue’, out June 14th. This track continues to showcase the band’s talent for crafting a delicate atmosphere imbued with sombre melancholy. The song’s shrouded vocals and screaming distortions create a hauntingly beautiful soundscape, capturing an emotive frustration that builds to an unresolved climax. This balance between the haunting and the beautiful is a hallmark of First Day of Spring’s style, creating a sense of suspended time and gently painful serenity.

“‘You’re Blue I’m Blue’ is predominantly about tribes and ultimately the ability for those tribes to coexist harmoniously and be among each other in the present,” shares the band. “The partnership vocally with dear friend and vocal lead Mariah Maines has been a key part of the evolution of the song’s re-imagination. We wanted to make an unapologetic alt song, heavily guitar-based, plug in and go, like the Pixies or something.”

First Day of Spring is the musical brainchild of artists experimenting with sound, art, and melody. Emerging from London, the band draws on a wide range of influences, from post-punk to various alt-90’s US groups, to create their unique sound. Their previous releases, including the debut EP ‘Fly Over Apple Blossom,’ have garnered attention from major outlets such as MTV UK, Brooklyn Vegan, Under the Radar, Week in Pop, Clunk Magazine, BBC Radio 6, and BBC Introducing. This growing recognition underscores their presence within the London music scene and beyond. As First Day of Spring looks ahead to their second EP release, they continue to evolve their sound, bringing a cathartic originality and expressive beauty to their music. With ‘You’re Blue I’m Blue’, the band invites listeners to experience a new season of their musical journey, promising more hauntingly beautiful tracks to come. Be sure to follow them for the latest updates and immerse yourself in the poignant world of First Day of Spring.

‘You’re Blue I’m Blue’ can be checked out here!