FOUNDRY13 burst back on the scene with ‘Wild // Child’

Indie pop/rock brothers FOUNDRY13 aren’t afraid to mix things up a bit on their new track ‘Wild // Child’. With opening guitar sounds reminiscent of the 70s punk scene, autotuned vocals to rival The 1975 and hip-hop drum machine beats, FOUNDRY13 appear to have hit upon a magic formula for a sound that is experimental yet still catchy and memorable.

Discussing the new track, FOUNDRY13 share: “Usually, we love to incorporate and address heavy topics in our music such as mental health, depression, anxiety etc. but due to what we have all gone through in the last year, we felt as though keeping it light and upbeat is what people need right now. We wanted the song to represent the warfare of the youth, about how it’s best to live your life to the fullest whilst you can. This is a track which we didn’t really want to overcomplicate with high concepts and too many emotions. It’s just about never wanting to leave the party, and sleeping until the sun goes down.”

If an upbeat, party-worthy sound is what FOUNDRY13 are trying to achieve on this track then they’ve certainly hit the nail on the head. ‘Wild // Child’ shows huge potential and there are certainly big things to come for the duo.