frances willow debuts with lush single ‘anna banana’’

frances willow is bursting onto the scene with her debut single ‘anna banana’, a lush first single that captures soft ethereal atmospheres from start to finish. Gentle acoustic guitars and lush gliding synth melodies all come together to back up the artist’s angelic vocal performance, tracking a wistful storyline through both a distinctive lead line and a celestial choir of harmony behind her. As the track progresses, electric guitars and drums are added, adding a subtle grit to the soundscape and cementing it within the indie rock category.

frances willow shares on the release, “’anna banana’ is an Alternative Indie Rock track that I started writing when I was 13, I had an argument with a friend as one does when they are a teenager, and wrote the chorus of this song. In my second year of university, I decided to revisit it as a task to myself and ended up really liking the outcome, this song was also the beginning of my new alias and helped create and shape the sound I wanted to have for ‘Frances Willow’”

An alternative/indie producer and singer, frances willow is setting herself up to challenge the conventions of the genre. By blending electronic and acoustic instrumentation, she experiments with both classic and new-age sounds. Through strong narratives in her lyricism, she ties these elements together for a gorgeous yet dark final product.

‘anna banana’ is out now, check it out!