Franck Choppin’s synth-pop track ‘Love of Yesterday’ takes us back to the peak of the 80s wave

Originally from the South West of France, Franck Choppin is an Electronic music producer with a wide range of 80s influences, from Pop and Synth-pop to Italo disco. He composed his first instrumental track at the age of 16 using a Roland D-20 digital synthesizer.

Years later, he launched his YouTube channel which became popular with several covers of 80s classic tracks featuring many vintage synthesizers and drum machines. His instrumental cover of Gazebo’s ‘I Like Chopin’ has now reached more than 2 million views on YouTube.

In 2018, he released his Italo disco song ‘Pain in My Heart’ trying to be faithful to the 80s music style. This single is popular among Italo disco fans and is featured in Telekom Electronic Beats online magazine.

His musical style also extends to Deep house and Nu-disco which he considers the legacy of 80s electronic pop music. The song ‘Start Believing’, produced in 2021, is a good example of the combination of vintage sounds and more modern rhythms.

Back to 1987 with this Synth-pop track carried by vintage synthesizers and samplers of the time.

The sounds will immediately take you to the peak of the 80s wave, when Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys and German singer Sandra were constantly listened to on the radio. So you will find the famous sounds of the Yamaha DX7 and Roland Juno-106 synthesizers, the legendary LinnDrum drum machine and the powerful Emulator II sampler. Everything is done by trying to be faithful to the musical production techniques of the 80s.

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