Fusing Electronic and Hip Hop Elements: Oestara Releases Captivating Singles ‘Blip’ and ‘Kech

Do you love discovering new, innovative artists? Well, we have a treat for you! Ambient electronic artist Oestara has just released not one, but two mesmerising singles that are guaranteed to take you on a sonic journey. For those unfamiliar with Oestara, her music is a blend of ambient, hip hop, and electronic influences. Her name, which comes from an alternative spelling of ‘Ostara’ – the goddess of Easter – holds great significance to the artist.   

With her music, Oestara aims to spread awareness about important issues, particularly in regards to female rights and motherhood. The first single, ‘Blip’, was released earlier this year and serves as a perfect introduction to Oestara’s style. The song features her signature ambient sound, with hip hop elements sprinkled throughout. The mesmerising drum loops serve as the backbone of the track, while electronic keys and synth waves create a dreamy atmosphere. It’s the kind of song that you can get lost in and let it take you to another world. The second single, ‘Kech’, was released on October 2nd and is a definite standout. The track calls on the club world with its jumpy hooks and infectious energy. It’s a perfect blend of modern and throwback sounds, with its mix of retro-digital beeps and modern synths. ‘Kech’ is guaranteed to get you up and dancing, and you won’t be able to resist adding it to your playlist. 

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  Oestara’s music is not only sonically pleasing, but it also carries a powerful message. As a mother, Oestara is passionate about female rights and the sacrifices women have to make in order to balance work and parenthood. With her name, she aims to bring attention to this important issue and use her music as a platform to raise awareness. Both ‘Blip’ and ‘Kech’ are available on all platforms now. So, what are you waiting for? Add Oestara to your playlist and let her ambient electronic sound transport you to another dimension.