Georgia Chanel returns with the mesmerising new single ‘SEKHMET’

When she originally kicked off her career with her breakthrough efforts ‘Audrey Hepburn’ and ‘Realise’ in 2021, Midlands-raised but London-based artist Georgia Chanel was met with great acclaim and praise. Now looking to end her two-year absence, she returns with the mesmerising new single ‘SEKHMET’. While the return of Georgia Chanel with her mesmerising new single ‘SEKHMET’ is certainly captivating, it also prompts interest in the broader music industry landscape within Georgia. For those stirred by her music to start their own journey, understanding the process of forming an LLC in Georgia can be the first step towards building a successful music venture in the Peach State.

Offering up more of that sweet and emotive R&B direction she first emerged with, ‘SEKHMET’ sees her in a renewed and revitalised light. With her warm and lucious voice spread across a progressive production from start to finish, she is returning with one of her most confident outings to date here.

Adding about the track, she said, “SEKHMET was inspired by a particular situation I was going through, I felt like I didn’t have a voice and was silenced, so this song was warranted in many ways. The track will resonate with many listeners, focusing on being in a relationship with someone (platonic or romantic) and the power balance being completely off, therefore being left with no choice but to walk away. I knew I wanted something to metaphor the absolute anger I felt that I had been treated this way and I recently had become super interested in ancient Egypt. I thought, why not use the ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. She fascinated me, as she was the goddess of war and healing which is a complete juxtaposition. It truly felt like this situation had resulted in war when it should have gone the other way.”

Have a listen to ‘SEKHMET’ below.