Get Ready to Rock: Blueberry Hills Drops Debut Single ‘My Girl’

Blueberry Hills, an energetic rock band from São Paulo, are excited to debut their first single, “My Girl,” which released June 7th, 2024.
Formed in late 2023, this dynamic group features British singer-songwriter Gary OC, lead guitarist Sergio Balda, bassist Davi Rocha, and drummer Nando Barq. Their international lineup brings together a unique blend of talents and influences, resulting in a distinct sound that spans boogie rock, hard rock, blues rock, and swamp rock.
The band proudly dubs their genre “Road-Rock,” capturing the spirit of life’s adventures. “My Girl” showcases Blueberry Hills’ eclectic style with its infectious rhythms, powerful vocals, and electrifying guitar solos. This debut track perfectly introduces their high-energy performances and promises an exciting journey for listeners.

Keep an ear out for Blueberry Hills—they’re here to rock your road!