Get Revenge On Your Latest Ex With Hippies and Cowboys in the ’20 to Life’ Music Video

Hippies and Cowboys take you on a journey of heartbreak and cold-blooded revenge in their new music video for their single ’20 To Life.’ Following a heated argument, the singer’s girlfriend decides to get up and leave him for good. After a concoction of beer, smoking, and growing rage, he finally decides to get his vengeance in the most fatal way possible – murder. The video is full of shots of guitarist Aaron Sparling’s journey to Reno driving an old orange pickup truck, eventually ending up in the motel she fled to. Here, he finally triggers his shotgun, achieving his plan of revenge on his crazed ex-girlfriend. Despite following through with his plan, he gets chased and charged with ’20 To Life’ for his fatal crime. 

In addition to the lyrics being successfully portrayed, we also get a strong sense of a throwback style with shots at a vintage gas station, the band playing in the middle of an abandoned road, and the use of older cars. Whether you’re post break up, or just in the mood for a funky rage-filled anthem, the video for ’20 To Life’ will give you the narrative you’re searching for.


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