Giora Unveils Striking Synthpop Track ‘Tell Me’

A groundbreaking musical journey from Singer-Songwriter Giora, the new single ‘Tell Me’ is a hypnotic wave of synth-pop instrumentals with their ethereal vocals on top. Blending experimental and electronic styles, Giora’s unique sound is complemented by the deeply personal stories that accompany.

Layers of effects and electronics result in a sonic fusion of classical compositions on a dreamlike pop song that also incorporates Giora’s fantastic eye for visuals in the breathtaking underwater video. Part of an upcoming album built around themes of rebirth, femininity, and identity, the singer wrestles with past and future on their new sound.

“Making visuals is an opportunity for me to discover myself again,” they explain. “There’s a moment in the ‘Tell Me’ video where I become reborn, which is a key theme not only of the album but of this stage in my life. The feeling of being at the beginning of something; depetrified from something eternal. There is no rebirth without death.”