Giulia put her dance skills to great use for the outstanding choreography of ‘Baby D*ke’

Julia grew up in Toronto, Canada but now resides in Brooklyn.

When Julia isn’t busy creating new music she can still be found embracing the arts by dancing, acting or making films.

Her fondness for the traditional Italian spelling of Julia led her to opt for the stage name of Giulia.

Giulia has just unveiled the music video for her latest song ‘Baby D*ke’.

The track begins with a smooth and delightful melody but in the blink of an eye the beat is cranked up and we are treated to up tempo pop.

Giulia well and truly put her dance skills to great use as she came up with some outstanding and sexy choreography for the music video.

‘Baby D*ke’ is the final single from her upcoming 7 song EP ‘Night Before’, which is due for release on Friday June 25th 2021.