‘Glass Half Empty’ showcases the stirring vocals of Chris Clark alongside an upbeat instrumental arrangement

Chris Clark is characterized by his endearing smile, genuine heart and captivating enthusiasm for life and music…and he comes by it naturally.

Chris grew up on the outskirts of the Northern California farmlands where his musical style was cultivated by the likes of John Denver, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

The twenty-eight-year-old Chico State student followed the family footprint to study civil engineering.

Immediately following college graduation, he took a seat as project engineer at the family-owned business Clark Pacific (a precast concrete and prefabrication company).

With a creative ache gnawing inside, Chris stepped away from his engineering career to work part-time alongside his father, whilst utilizing his evenings to moonlight in music.

Honing his skill set, Chris managed a group of RAP artists, performed at small clubs, and practiced laying down his vocals atop instrumental melodies he purchased online.

Chris Clark recently released his new single ‘Glass Half Empty’.

The track begins with an intro that wouldn’t be amiss during the earlier part of the last century.

Chris Clark then switches to a more contemporary style, as he proceeds to showcase stirring vocals alongside a catchy and upbeat instrumental arrangement.