Gliffo releases ‘Island of Tears’

The artist Gliffo is an absolute career changer in the music business: after the undeniable success of his first single ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’ (over 360.000 YouTube viewers – as of October 2019), he has already released his second single ‘Island Of Tears’. This catchy mix of reggae, rock and pop expresses Gliffo’s admiration for the brave divers, who risked their lives during the development process of divers’ watches outside the Island Of Tears close by Venice. The second single has made it off hand to No.1 in the German Amazon charts in various categories (e.g. “reggae” and “climber of the day”!).

The way the artist Gliffo and his producer Jörg Sieghart were able to fuse reggae and rock so skilfully is very impressive: one believes this kind of music mix has always existed. The ‘Island of Tears’ sound is groovy and the melody very catchy. Gliffo’s sonorous voice (he not only speaks but also sings the deeper voices) and Selin Akbaba’s (studio singer) and Jörg Sieghart`s (producer/guitar player) vocals make the whole song perfect. Towards the end of the song the final refrain is overlaid with a kind of spherical e-guitar sound that creates goose bumps.

However, you may ask: how did the Gliffo-sound happen? One day Gliffo woke up and had a musical inspiration. On the spot he sent the melody to his close friend in Berlin, who is a music producer. His friend recognised immediately the potential of the melody and only a few months later Gliffo hit the Amazon charts in Germany and Italy with the song ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’. In the meantime the artist and his producer work on an album and the ideas flow easily. The characteristic of the Gliffo-sound is the deep sonorous voice emphasised by vocals sung by the studio singer Selin Akbaba and the producer Jörg Sieghart, who is also an active artist (artist name: Jo Oliver –


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