Gouldian Finch Unveils Bendik HK’s Remix of “Cocoon”

Gouldian Finch, the brainchild of Norwegian producer Martin Horntveth, continues to captivate listeners with his innovative approach to sound. Teaming up with the prodigious talent of Bendik HK, Gouldian Finch just dropped a remix of “Cocoon”.

This collaboration transcends mere remixing. Bendik HK infuses the original “Cocoon” with his signature blend of nu-wave jungle, electronica, and experimental elements. The result? A track that not only pays homage to the original concept but ventures into a realm of auditory exploration, keeping listeners engaged with every beat.

Bendik HK’s prowess in crafting rhythmic landscapes is unparalleled. Drawing inspiration from early pioneers like Burial, he constructs intricate soundscapes that transport listeners to ethereal realms. With a foundation rooted in percussive elements, Bendik HK weaves lazy melodies through atmospheric progressions, creating a sensory experience akin to wandering through misty landscapes.

I met Bendik when he was 11 years old,” recalls Gouldian Finch. “Already then, he was an enormous drum talent, but he also wanted to explore other instruments, as well as composition and production. […] When I wanted to make a remix album, I knew I had to ask Bendik.”

Gouldian Finch, known for his illustrious career with bands like Jaga Jazzist and contributions to various musical projects, marks another chapter with this release.

For fans of Jay Electronica and DjRum, this remix is a must-listen. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where boundaries are mere suggestions, and music knows no limits.

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