Hannes Kretzer drops new E.P “Species”

Hannes Kretzer is on a journey to make his sound mirror his view of the world. The German composer has spent his entire career collecting sounds and distorting them to fit into his sonic universe. Kretzer has a passion for popular culture and often merges this within his soundscapes. 

The composer is back with a new E.P entitled “Species.” The E.P will be sure to take the listener on a musical journey. Tracks such as “Euphoria” come with a larger-than-life sound. Whereas tracks such as “Exo” are textually diverse and dark – and they will be sure to pick you up and pull you into an ever changing soundscape. 

Speaking about the release, he says: “It’s been five years since my last album. I wanted to merge the experiences I had gained before in my new material. This time approaching “picture music” in a different way. Usually influenced by landscape, I was now forming creatures out of the environment. I wanted to make them very concrete and tangible, musically describing the evolving structures of living beings while maintaining the depth of sound and production.

I had the intention to play with the perception of space, bending our sense of the room we experience the sound in. My main source of reverberation for this album is a 40″ symphonic gong which I prepared with a transducer to be able to excite it with synths. -> surreal, contrasting rooms through one single object. We usually are able to roughly determine room size/dimensions through its reverberations. With running the tracks through the gong your mind plays tricks on you. Frequencies get stuck and amplified, seemingly going on forever, while others aren’t picked up that well and convey the impression of a small cave.”

With a very distinctive sound, and with releases such as “Species,” we can see 2023 being his year. We cannot wait to see where this goes.