Haus Flore Detail the Struggles of Love and Life with ‘Notebook’

Writing from the perspective of a sex worker, Haus Flore’s ‘Notebook’ is an evocative electro-ballad on the search for love.

Dramatic and evocative, Haus Flore’s ‘Notebook’ melds big room EDM with powerful lyricism. Jumping into narrative storytelling, the character at hand sings in first person as she struggles with finding true love. The electro-duo explains that when writing this song they “wanted to tell the story of a sex worker and the different futures she envisions with each partner she lays with.” Despite her disappointing encounters with men, the song “quickly became a truly intimate story of love and life.” Haus Flore, which comprises of songwriter Maxime Boublil and producer Dominik Falkowski, featured the voice of Cristina Luyo on the record. Bringing power and dimension in this electronic ballad, every element of the track serves to enhance the dramatism of the scenario. From the cinematic buildup and all-encompassing drop to the stirring vocals, ‘Notebook’ details in stark detail the fear and hope of heightened emotions in the midst of love.