Hila Rabby unleashes her unique psych rock sound in ‘Time To Wake Up’

 Hila Rabby is an Israeli artist who has had quite a journey in music. The Between Jerusalem and New York City musician is an accomplished pianist and studied at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in NYC. Influenced heavily by Radiohead and Massive Attack, she has combined a sumptuous blend of prog rock, electronic and synth based music that is highly transcendent and luring. 

She has just released her debut project ‘Visions’ and it is a luscious 7-track album full of so many twists and turns. Lead single ‘Time To Wake Up’ is the one that draws you in immediately, with the unusual time signature and simply sublime instrumentation lauding appeal. What stands out above all though, is Hila’s haunting and commanding vocal, which really brings you into her world. Bending synths and complex melodies, Rabby’s songwriting also really comes to the fore in this indie synth rock exploration. Check it out now.