Hotel Ugly go back to their viral roots with fresh R&B jam ‘Fish Maan’

Hotel Ugly have literally taken the streaming world and beyond by storm since their inception in 2020. After what has arguably been one of the most successful debut singles of all time in ‘Shut Up My Mom’s Calling’, the Billboard 100 artist has now brought out a fresh new hooky jam for us all to sink our teeth into.

After the melancholic indie-pop return in ‘Action Figures Fighting’, Mike Vince and co go back to their roots with their brilliant R&B single ‘Fish Maan’. A slow jam that’s full of fun-filled synth lines and melodies that make you hit repeat time after time, ‘Fish Maan’ is just another example of why Ugly have made such a dramatic climb in such a relatively short space of time, especially in the music world where it is so tough to break through.

Hotel Ugly represent something different though, appealing to generation Z and the youth with their catchy beats that are so easy to fall in love with.

Stream ‘Fish Maan’ now: