Human: Award-winning Swedish Artist Erik Odsell’s Epic New Album

One of the greatest things about Erik Odsell as an artist is that he always stands tall in the face of creativity. He loves to rise up to a challenge, and he never loses the ability to dish out a splash of unfiltered creativity. His most recent studio release, Human, is a perfect taste of what it means to come up with music that constantly refines an artist’s perspective. In addition to Erik’s spontaneous songwriting style, it is worth mentioning the fact that the music is incredibly well-produced, and the sound has so much clarity, perfectly highlighting Erik’s beautiful vocal prowess, as well as his ability to constantly innovate his flow and try out new ideas, even within the context of the same release! One thing’s for sure: this release is a great indication of the fact that the future is looking good for Erik, who has been on a really prolific creative streak as of late!

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