Human Moods release new self-titled album

Human Moods are releasing their debut-self titled album, ‘Human Moods‘, and we’ve gotten a glimpse of their innovative sound from their recent single releases, ‘Four Walls’ and ‘Gold(Au)’.

The Maine-based indie-modern rock group might be an unfamiliar name now, but it’s the by-product of a group of musicians who are far from unfamiliar. The band was started by Chris Muccino and Sheridan—who created the project as a result of their work together with the long-standing Forest City & Friends band.

Human Moods, however, represents a different approach and feel from the sound we’ve come to expect from Forest City & Friends. The hard-hitting indie rock feel of ‘Four Walls’, which was released a couple weeks ago in advance of the full album, provides with a more anthem-like rock structure and styling.

Human Moods also dropped a second single from the album, ‘Gold(Au)’ on YouTube this past week, which featured a more ballad-esque and piano-driven rock feel. The strong vocal character and commercially-leaning song structures across the two singles is consistent with the two tracks so far.

Their sound in many ways as it’s been revealed so far, comes off as “iconic”. They don’t stretch themselves too far in any direction and they seem to put the finger down right where it works.

So the question begs, where do we get the full album? Right now it’s available physically at local Bull Moose record stores across Maine and New Hampshire. And you can order it online here:

The full album is expected to release digitally at some point in the new year, but why wait to stream it when you can hold it in your own hands? Order the new album and follow Human Moods to keep track of their next moves.

“The sound on this CD is all about Chris and his ability to write excellent and complete bodies of music. He writes all the instrument parts and records most everything when demo-ing songs……he sent me wonderfully written musical “cakes” that just needed icing and this made it easy to write in a short amount of time.”Sheridan